Bee & Bonnet | Hot Honey | 1ltr Catering Bottle

Bee & Bonnet | Hot Honey | 1ltr Catering Bottle


For our wonderful customers who use our hot honey in their restaurants, pop-ups and takeaways - we've created a handy 1ltr catering bottle full of our delicious original recipe hot honey. 


We create our Hot Honey by infusing small batches of delicious sweet honey with the fire of scotch bonnet chillies to create a unique and firey taste. It's more sweet than heat - so if it's firey heat you're after then check out our Extra Hot Honey.

It's the perfect addition to meats, pizzas, tacos, chicken, cocktails and more!


We are a very small business and due to COVID we are visiting the post office on Fridays only. All orders are posted out second class as standard.


So if you are to order on a Saturday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - your order will be processed, packaged and sent out to you on Friday. 

Bottled using 100% recycled bottles - please recycle after use.

Proudly Made in Wales.

  • Ingredients

    Welsh Honey, Scotch Bonnet Chillies.

    Made in Wales.


    Naturally gluten free. It is not recommended to feed honey to children under 1 year old. 

    Store at room temperature.

    Do not refrigerate.

    Weight 1.5kg