Bee & Bonnet | Hot Honey

Bee & Bonnet | Hot Honey


Our original recipe Hot Honey. 


We create our Hot Honey by infusing small batches of delicious sweet honey with the fire of scotch bonnet chillies to create a unique and firey taste. It's more sweet than heat - so if it's firey heat you're after then check out our Extra Hot Honey.

It's the perfect addition to grilled meats, pizzas, tacos, cocktails and more.

We are a very small business and infuse, bottle, label and post each bottle by hand -  due to COVID we are visiting the post office on Fridays only. All orders are posted out second class as standard.


So if you are to order on a Saturday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - your order will be processed, packaged and sent out to you on Friday. 

Bottled using 100% recycled bottles - please recycle after use.


  • Ingredients

    Honey, Scotch Bonnet Chillies. Nothing Else. 

    100% recycled bottle.

    Made in Wales.


    Naturally gluten free. It is not recommended to feed honey to children under 1 year old. 

    Store at room temperature.

    Do not refrigerate.

    Weight 370g